If the U.K. don’t act on Hydrogen we’ll miss the boat

If the U.K. don’t act on Hydrogen we’ll miss the boat

“The U.K. is primed and ready to lead the way with Hydrogen” says Jo Bamford, founder of Ryse, director and board member of JCB, and entrepreneur environmentalist.

We’re currently facing two enemies: Unemployment and the Environmental crisis – and green Hydrogen can help massively with both.

Green Hydrogen is created when Electrolysis (the extraction of Hydrogen from water) is powered by renewable energy, i.e wind turbines.  The extracted hydrogen can then be transported like normal gas (via pipelines or trucks) to fuelling stations or other storage facilities.

Plans for ‘green hydrogen electrolysis plants’ are well underway here in the U.K. and it makes perfect sense – all you have to do is look outside to know we have plenty of wind here, especially if you live on the coast near where our offshore turbines proudly stand.  Currently much of the energy produced by our wind turbines is woefully underused, but Ryse will employ our turbines to power their electrolysis plants at night – when they don’t have enough customers, and when the National Grid doesn’t require their clean energy.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe.

Hydrogen is the perfect zero-emission fuel for buses and other heavy transport.  It doesn’t need a massive, heavy battery that takes hours to recharge and is unreliable in cold weather.  Hydrogen has the same refuel time as diesel and it covers the same distance – and yet all that comes out of the exhaust with Hydrogen is water-vapour – so the positive implications Hydrogen can have on our emissions crisis are huge.

What’s more a ‘Hydrogen Economy’ – from engineers, to tech, wind turbines, to electrolysis plants, to transportation, to storage, to fuelling, to Hydrogen transport manufacturing – requires the creating and maintaining of thousands of highly-skilled jobs, something our country is in desperate need of.  Hydrogen is an opportunity that could sever our country’s reliance on foreign supply chains, and enable us to manufacture our own clean energy, the technology for which we could then export around the world.

Therefore Hydrogen is key to the very definition of a ‘Green Recovery’.  The EU, Germany, Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand and other countries are investing billions in their Hydrogen strategies – the race is on to grab market share – but it feels like here in the U.K. we could easily miss the boat if the Government doesn’t soon release a U.K. Hydrogen strategy of its own.

The U.K. Government must act now to avoid missing the opportunity for a ‘Hydrogen Economy’.

So why aren’t the U.K. getting more proactive around supporting this opportunity?  That’s a question for your local MP, and one we’ve been repeatedly raising to the Prime Minister, Chancellor, and all relevant departments: from Transport to Environment.  Here at Ryse we are doing all we can to ensure the voice of Hydrogen is heard at a governmental level, and during this time when it is needed most.

As a company Ryse are investing millions in Hydrogen, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with others investing in their Hydrogen projects, to create jobs and help the environment – but for these projects to proceed Government support is needed, and needed now.

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