Are Councils Hitting Their Clean Air Targets?

Are Councils Hitting Their Clean Air Targets?

It is impossible to ignore the spotlight that COVID has put on the environmental crisis, also the devastating impact it has had on global economies and job markets.

We hear and use phrases like ‘build back better’ and ‘green recovery’ and ‘green jobs’, and momentarily we’re bouyed by these optimistic concepts (which we must keep pushing) – although it’s all too easy to let soundbites take the place of much needed action.

The Good Law Project has launched a landmark legal case to force the UK government to urgently review its Clean Air Strategy in light of a growing body of evidence suggesting that there is a link between air pollution and the occurrence and severity of COVID-19.

With renewable energy and zero-emission transport we have an opportunity to create thousands of jobs to boost our damaged economy, whilst tackling the emissions crisis head on.

There is an alliance of over 50 leading companies all poised to invest massively in shovel-ready projects – but there is a real danger they might have to re-locate away from the U.K. due to lack of Government Policy commitment.

We’ve been so excited to see orders coming in for Wrightbus manufactured zero-emission hydrogen double-deckers from Aberdeen, London, Birmingham and beyond.

But time is running out for Government to support the commitment in green-hydrogen technologies already shown in the private sector.


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