The Hydrogen Popemobile

The Hydrogen Popemobile

Pope Francis is known for his environmental concerns, so when he took delivery of his new Hydrogen powered zero-emissions Toyota Mirai he was delighted that it will only emit water.

The hydrogen-powered Popemobile measures 5.1 meters long and 2.7 meters high (including the special roof), allowing the Pope to stand and be visible to people.

The delivery ceremony took place at the Pope’s residence in the Vatican City, with Senior Vice President of Toyota Motor Europe.

The Pope, who is outspoken about his concerns for the environment, was pleased to learn his new hydrogen car has a range of 500km on a single tank of Hydrogen, and takes the same time to refuel as a diesel tank, but that he would not be contributing a single gram of polluting carbon to the atmosphere when being driven in it…

Amen to that.

For more about zero-emission Hydrogen, both supply and production, click here…

Pope Francis takes delivery of his new Hydrogen Popemobile outside the Vatican, Rome. The Toyota Mirai emits only water and has a 500km range.

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