Has everyone seen “Extinction: The Facts”?

Has everyone seen “Extinction: The Facts”?

David Attenborough’s latest documentary reminds us of the stark truth about mankind’s devastating impact on our planet’s biodiversity.

Surely now, as our economies have been so ravaged by a pandemic caused by our abuse of the natural world, we will embark on a recovery process that finally puts the environment first?

Deforestation, pollution, soil degradation, disease-spreading illegal animal trade, overfishing and food waste are just some of our behaviours on shocking display in the BBC documentary; and it finally seems David Attenborough is running out of optimism, unless we act, now.

The programme’s experts do offer hope — but it’s also clear that it will take a lot more work from all of us.

The film states that Governments investing in “green jobs” such as installing renewable energy sources, while strengthening environmental protection laws and investigating global supply chains, will have a massive impact.

“The world has been on pause during the pandemic, and as we begin to move forward, we have a moment to change the way we’re running it,” says ecologist Prof. Felicia Keesing.

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