Ryse will be a one-stop shop for large vehicle fleets to acquire affordable and green hydrogen

Our Offer

Ryse will install and operate hydrogen electrolysers, distribution networks and dispensing equipment. Using this equipment, one refuelling station can service a whole depot. Refuelling is rapid, for a bus this takes just 5 minutes.

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Renewable Power

Power from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar will be used through a direct connection to the electrolyser which will produce the hydrogen. Our initial deployments are based on systems connected to off-shore wind farms.


Electricity is used to split water to produce hydrogen gas and oxygen. Electrolysers have a modular design which allows rapid scalability. Electrolysers will be co-located with renewable generators so the hydrogen supply will be ultra-low carbon. Ryse is able to achieve affordable hydrogen by:

  • 1. Achieving economies of scale by deploying centralised production facilities
  • 2. Accessing low cost renewable electricity at the facilities to reduce energy costs
  • 3. Selecting best in class suppliers for electrolysis and downstream logistics components


The hydrogen will then be compressed at high pressures, transferred to storage vessels before being loaded onto tube trailers, which in turn are driven to customer sites or bus depots. These trailers are then stationed at the refuelling site and provide fuel to the depot, before being swapped when empty for a new full trailer.


Specialised hydrogen refuelling stations are used for highly reliable hydrogen supply for fuel cell buses as well as passenger vehicles. Typical refuelling cycles last no more than 5 minutes. Hydrogen outlet pressure of 350 bar and 700 bar are available.

Hydrogen Powered Transport

By realising these innovations, Ryse is able to offer hydrogen prices at parity with diesel on a per-km driven basis for deployments of large fleets in a regional cluster.

Highly reliable supply

Ryse's office is designed to ensure that customers always receive a reliable supply of hydrogen fuel. We secure this reliability by:

Ensuring multiple sources for hydrogen
The use of a tube trailer based system for hydrogen deliveries is an advantage as hydrogen can be sourced from a range of locations, thereby protecting against outages at a single plant.

Storage of hydrogen on site
The customer can define the quantity of hydrogen stored on site. The tube trailer deliveries can be scheduled to ensure there is always a number of days of hydrogen supply at the site.

Multiply redundant equipment
We recognise that new hydrogen customers will need to rely on a single hydrogen station as there are unlikely to be other options in the vicinity. As a result, our stations are designed so that should a component fail, it will not affect our ability to deliver hydrogen to the vehicles in the fleet.