Segway’s New Hydrogen Sports Bike Gets Us Closer To Tron Age

Segway’s New Hydrogen Sports Bike Gets Us Closer To Tron Age

Hydrogen, once known as the fuel of the future, is very much the fuel buzzword of the now, being adopted by governments and businesses the world over to achieve their net zero ambitions. In the UK cities like Aberdeen already have hydrogen powered zero-emission buses in operation on their streets, and it looks like they might be joined soon by zero-emission hydrogen motorbikes.

With a 2023 launch date Segway, the personal transporter manufacturer, have unveiled an electric sports bike powered by removable hydrogen canisters. Names the Segway Apex H2, the bike is impossible not to associate with the movie Tron, and is another rung in the ladder to reaching our zero-emission hydrogen goals.

The new Segway Ninebot sportsbike concept looks like something out of Tron, and has futuristic technology to match.

In 2015 Segway was bought by Chinese company Ninebot, which is the driving force behind this eye-popping new motorbike project.

The styling of the bike is so radical that concept images of it have gone viral.  But it’s far from simply style over substance.  The technology in the engineering is just as futuristic.

The hydrogen canisters that fuel the bike can be swapped in and out in considerably less time than it takes to recharge a battery. Segway have announced that the Apex will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than four seconds, produce 60 kW (around 80 hp) of power, and offer a top speed of 150 km/h.  There is no information on the bike’s range yet.

Almost as eyebrow-raising as the bike itself is the price, which Segway plans to retail around $10,700 (69,999 yuan).

Segway plans to retail the new hydrogen bike around $10,700

With hydrogen buses, hydrogen trains, hydrogen trucks, hydrogen automobiles, and now hydrogen motorcycles arriving in the market the pressure is on to deliver sufficient infrastructure to provide the hydrogen fuel conveniently.

It’s not surpassing that both Suzuki and Honda are rumoured to be developing hydrogen bikes that could also soon be on the roads.

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