Bill Gates invests in Hydrogen tech firm H2Pro

Bill Gates invests in Hydrogen tech firm H2Pro

The CEO of Hydrogen tech company H2Pro is in an understandably positive mood.

“We definitely see a worldwide market for our Hydrogen tech,” says H2Pro’s CEO, Talmon Marco. “When we started the company back in 2019, it was much more difficult to have a conversation with investors about hydrogen. And today it’s like ‘oh, yeah, absolutely. Hydrogen is happening’.”

$22 million in funding has been raised by Israel-based Hydrogen technology company H2Pro, with the investment in hydrogen coming from Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Korean auto manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company, Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, and Japan’s Sumitomo.

The funding raised is to take the company’s product which greatly increases efficiency in Hydrogen production from lab prototype to the factory floor.

Microsoft is one of the big name companies invested in H2Pro’s Hydrogen technology, designed to increase efficiency and lower cost of production

Marco estimates that H2Pro will have their first factory up and running in Israel, producing hundreds of megawatts of power as soon as 2023.

With governments and industries focused on their commitments to lower greenhouse gas emissions, hydrogen is becoming the ever increasingly popular choice. Electrolysis is the process of splitting water into usable hydrogen, and when conducted using a renewable source of electricity (such as that from wind or solar) it is a carbon-free fuel source that is being widely seen as the solution to overtake oil, coal and natural gas.

Several UK based and European firms are also in the race to increase efficiency of the green Hydrogen production process, scaling up in order to lower costs.

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