Hydrogen engine maker Plug Power increase relationship with Walmart

Hydrogen engine maker Plug Power increase relationship with Walmart

Plug Power, the maker of fuel cell engines, today announced that it is expanding its relationship with Walmart, and will be supplying the retailer’s e-commerce network.

Since 2010 Plug Power has been providing Walmart with its hydrogen engines and fueling. Plug Power have supplied Walmart with about 9,500 fuel cell vehicles across 37 of its North American distribution centres.

Plug Power’s GenKey (used by Walmart), is a range of offerings to fuel, power, and service hydrogen and fuel cell applications.  Plug Power says it will continue expanding into Walmart’s e-commerce in 2021, since starting in August 2020.

Uses for Plug Power’s products include material-handling trucks and automated guided vehicles. E-commerce logistics require a variety of product handling at distribution centres, warehouse and stores.  The company’s products are also used in commercial fleets for delivery vehicles.

Jeff Smith, senior director for Walmart’s supply chain, proclaimed some of the benefits of Plug Power’s services by saying “At our distribution facilities across the country, our decision to be an early adopter of Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cells has helped us manage and meet the increased demand for food and basic supplies.”


By Tim Daukes, 15.12.2020

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