Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s ‘Green’ 4×4 Will Be Powered by Hydrogen

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s ‘Green’ 4×4 Will Be Powered by Hydrogen

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Ineos Grenadier SUV will be powered by Hydrogen.  The British billionaire has signed a deal with Korean giant Hyundai to use its fuel cell technology in his green 4X4.

Ineos outlined its plans to produce a hydrogen-powered SUV a year ago, knowing that heavy batteries were not the answer for greener large 4X4 models.

So now Ineos has signed a deal with Hyundai to develop its hydrogen technology.

Ratcliffe’s Ineos business produces 300,000 tons of hydrogen a year, and Hyundai already have a hydrogen fuel cell car on sale – the Nexo SUV model – so the alliance makes a lot of sense.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, owner of Ineos, is backing Hydrogen.

The Grenadier was conceived by Ratcliffe, in the Grenadier Pub in London’s Belgravia, to fill a ‘gap in the market’  that has been abandoned, he says, by Land Rover and its new Defender SUV.

Many experts believe that, longer term, electric cars powered by hydrogen may be the real ‘green’ pollution-free cars of the future.

Increasing numbers of hydrogen filling stations are becoming available around the country, including Teddington, South West London.

The billionaire says there’s great demand for a rugged, stripped back, hard-working 4X4 capable of going anywhere.

Expected to cost between £30,000 and £45,000, Ineos plans production from the end of 2021, on sale from early 2022, ramping up to 25,000 annual sales.

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