6 Key Benefits Of Hydrogen

6 Key Benefits Of Hydrogen

At Ryse we believe Hydrogen is the most practical Zero-emission fuel.

Hydrogen made in the U.K. can be a 100% clean, green fuel, with no compromise on the range driven or refuelling times for the vehicles it powers.

Simply, Hydrogen behaves the same way as diesel or petrol, but without the emissions.  Therefore it doesn’t require us to change our behaviour.  With Hydrogen there are no lengthy charging times, and no need for digging up our towns and cities to install endless charging points.

Ryse welcomes hydrogen being at the forefront of the U.K. ‘green recovery’, creating jobs whilst tackling emissions, but more Government support is required with the infrastructure and investment needed to kick-start our ‘Hydrogen Economy’.

Here are 6 key benefits of Hydrogen.

1. Net Zero

Hydrogen is key to the U.K. meeting its Net Zero targets, and improving air quality.  Lowering our transport emissions requires both battery power and Hydrogen: we need lots of both.

2. Creating Jobs

The U.K. Hydrogen economy will create hundreds of thousands of high-skilled, green jobs nationwide, just at the time when we need them most.

3. Energy Security

Hydrogen will increase our energy security by making full use of the U.K.’s natural resources. With Hydrogen made and used here in the U.K. we are no longer reliant on other countries to help create our energy.

4. R&D

The U.K. is home to world leading Hydrogen R&D skills and academia, but we need Government investment to support this.  Many other countries already have their Hydrogen investment strategies underway, but the U.K. has yet to announce theirs.  We must not lose our advantage in this industry.

5. Economy

The Hydrogen industry is predicted to be worth $2.5tr by 2050.  With a U.K. Hydrogen industry up and running we can export our expertise and products around the world.

6. Global Demand

Clean hydrogen is forecast to meet 24% of the world’s energy demand by 2050.  Germany, Japan, Denmark, China, Australia, New Zealand, and several others are already leading with massive Hydrogen investments, sparking up their own Hydrogen economies to meet the global demand.  The U.K. must get going now, in order not to get left behind with this unique opportunity.

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