Aberdeen Looks To A Hydrogen future…

Aberdeen Looks To A Hydrogen future…

We’re delighted that visionary Aberdeen City Council is planning to order a further ten hydrogen fuel cell double-decker buses, and furthermore that research into the potential for hydrogen-powered trains in the area is now underway.

In order to reach net-zero both battery and hydrogen technology are needed in great quantities – but when it comes to transport in many cases Hydrogen is better suited to ‘big and heavy’.

Imagine if you wanted to power a boeing 747 on batteries, you’d need 2,700 tonnes of battery, so it would never get off the ground.  And that’s before you consider the argument that China own 75% of the battery industry – whereas with Hydrogen we can produce our own, using renewable energy right here in the UK, creating jobs whilst tackling emissions.

The Wrightbus Hydrogen bus covers the same distance as a diesel bus, and takes only seven minutes to fill up. 

This Summer the Bus operator First Aberdeen took delivery of 15 Wrightbus manufactured hydrogen double-deckers: the first in the world, and a triumph of pioneering engineering from the factory in Northern Ireland, combatting the ongoing environmental crisis with zero-emission Hydrogen technology.

The new order for ten vehicles would be funded by the EU’s Joint initiative for hydrogen vehicles across Europe.

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